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-:Control over the Issue of Capital:-

A noteworthy activity of progression was the annulment of the Capital Issues (Control) Act, 1947 in May 1992. In light of a legitimate concern for speculators, SEBI issued Disclosure and Investor Protection (DIP) rules. The rules permit backers, consenting to the qualification criteria, to issue securities the securities at advertise decided rates. The market moved from justifying based to divulgence based control.

-: Establishment of Regulator:-

 A noteworthy activity of control was, the foundation of a statutory self-ruling office, considered SEBI, to give consolation that it is protected to attempt exchanges insecurities.

-: Screen-Based Trading:-

 A noteworthy formative activity was an across the country on-line completely computerized screen based exchanging framework (SBTS) where a part can punch into the PC amounts of securities and the costs at which he jumps at the chance to execute and the exchange is executed when it finds a coordinating deal or purchase arrange from a counter gathering.

-: Risk administration:-

 various measures were gone for broke in the market with the goal that the members are sheltered and showcase respectability is secured. The exchanging cycle changed from 14 days for indicated securities to 30 days for other people and settlement took another fortnight. Moving settlement on T+5 premise was presented in stages. All scrips moved to move settlement from December 2001. T+5 offered an approach to T+3 from April 2002 and T+2 from April 2003.

Depositories Act: The prior settlement framework offered to ascend to settlement hazard. This was because of the time is taken for settlement and because of the physical development of the paper. Further, the move of offers for the buyer by the organization likewise devoured an impressive measure of time. To forestall these issues, the Depositories Act, 1996 was passed to accommodate the foundation of vaults insecurities.


 To help advertise members to oversee hazards better through supporting, theory and arbitrage, SC(R)A was altered in 1995 to lift the prohibition on alternatives insecurities.

-: Settlement Guarantee:-
An assortment of measures was gone out on a limb in the market. Clearing partnerships developed to expect counter gathering hazard. Exchange and settlement ensure reserves were set up to ensure settlement of exchanges independent of default by merchants. These assets give full novation and work as focal counter gathering. The Exchanges/clearing partnerships screen the places of the agents on the ongoing premise. The securities showcase moved from T+3 settlement period to T+2 moving settlement with impact from April 1, 2003. Further, straight through preparing has been made required for every single institutional exchange executed on the stock trade.

-: Securities Market Awareness:-

In January 2003, SEBI propelled an across the nation Securities Market Awareness Campaign that goes for teaching financial specialists about the dangers related with the market and additionally the rights and commitments of speculators. 

-: Green Shoe Option:-

As an adjustment device for the post-posting cost of recently issued shares, SEBI has presented the green shoe alternative office in IPOs.

-: Securities Lending and Borrowing:-

A clearing enterprise/clearing house, after enlistment with SEBI, under the SEBI plot for Securities Lending and Borrowing, as an endorsed middle person, may acquire securities for meeting deficits in the settlement, for the benefit of the individuals.

-: Corporate Governance:-

To enhance the models of corporate administration, SEBI altered Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement. The significant changes in the new Clause 49 incorporate revisions/increments to arrangements identifying with meaning of free chiefs, reinforcing the obligations of review advisory groups, enhancing nature of money related revelations, including those relating to related gathering exchanges and continues from open/rights/special issues, expecting Boards to receive formal implicit rules, requiring CEO/CFO affirmation of monetary proclamations and enhancing divulgences to investors. Certain non-compulsory provisos like shriek blower arrangement and limitation of the term of free chiefs have additionally been incorporated.

Debt Listing Agreement keeping in mind the end goal to additionally build up the corporate obligation advertise, SEBI recommended a model debenture posting assertion for all debenture securities issued by a backer independent of the method of issuance.

Gold Exchange Traded Funds in India-Pursuant to the declaration made by the Honorable Finance Minister in his Budget Speech for 2005-06, SEBI delegated a Committee for the presentation of Gold Exchange Traded Fund (GETF) in India. Based on the suggestions of the said Committee, the SEBI (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996 were amended and notice was issued on January 12, 2006, allowing shared assets to acquaint GETFs in India subject with certain speculation limitations.

Guidelines for Issue of Indian Depository Receipts (IDRs)- SEBI issued Guidelines on revelations and related necessities for organizations covetous of issuing IDRs in India. SEBI likewise endorsed the posting understanding for elements issuing IDRs.
Grading of Initial Public contributions (IPOs)- Grading of all IPOs was made compulsory. The reviewing would be finished by FICO assessment organizations, enrolled with SEBI. It is required to acquire evaluating from no less than one FICO score organization. The evaluating would be uncovered in the plan, shortened outline and in each promotion for IPOs.

-: Introduction of Fast Track Issuances:-

To empower agreeable recorded organizations to get to Indian essential market in a period viable way through take after on open contributions and rights issues, SEBI presented quick track issue system. To make the issuance procedure quick, the prior necessity of recording draft offer archives was corrected and the need to document draft offer reports with SEBI and the stock trades was discarded.

-: Setting up of SME Exchange:-

   SEBI chose to set up a system for setting up of a new trade or separate stage of existing stock trade having across the nation terminals for SME. Keeping in mind the end goal to operationalize the said structure, vital changes have been made to the appropriate controls, handouts and so on. According to the structure, showcase making has been made required in regard of all scrips recorded and exchanged on SME trade.

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